German market explodes on to European cannabis scene

Amsterdam was the undisputed European cannabis capital for many years. While Spain’s Catalonia and several other countries and regions are worthy of honourable mentions, Germany may be a serious contender to take the title. The country has been making large strides with new legal cannabis legislation. Since 2017, all German doctors are allowed to recommend […]

Sweden’s harsh zero tolerance policy on Cannabis

According to the Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs (Centralforbundet for Alkohol-och narkotikaupplysning), the proportion of the adult population in Sweden who have used the drug in the past 12 months increased from 2.5 percent to 3.6 percent between 2013 and 2017. The study’s researchers described it as quite an increase and […]

Importance of Medical Cannabis in Health

Scientists and doctors from all over the globe have examined the effects and interactions of the Cannabis plant on the body. Its potential benefits in certain health conditions are well-established and have been included in the current arsenal to aid with the treatment of minor conditions and serious illnesses. Integrative medicine is a combination of […]