Potential in Cannabis spray to treat aggressive form of brain cancer

An oral cannabis spray can provide a genuine benefit to those suffering with brain cancer. Does this sound farfetched? Cannabis is often glorified as a sort of miracle substance with unlimited application and potentital. So is this another wild conjecture by cannabis enthusiasts? In a British study, scientists are examining for the first time whether […]

French businessman cultivates cannabis for his personal use in Vietnam

Mr. Tiberghien Frederec is 55 a year old French national living in Vietnam. He grows cannabis alongside fruit trees on a 3,000 m2 land in the by the Red River. This land has been harvested many times with the intention to produce useable cannabis. Long Bien District Police leader stated that Mr. Friedrichec had not […]

Can You Eat Weed? All You Need to Know About Marijuana Edibles

It is a popular medication used by millions of people either for enjoyment or to deal with chronic health conditions. Weed may be utilised in several of ways, but a number of the most well-known methods include smoking and vaping. But some people today wonder whether it is safe to eat marijuana and if eating […]