Supreme Court forces closure of Barcelona’s cannabis clubs

The ‘pioneering’ model has decreased street dealing and consumption in Barcelona. Both police and city officials agree on this. Howevre the 200 or so cannabis clubs you will find in Catalonia’s largest city will be closing after the Supreme Court closed a legal loophole that allowed it to become Spain’s cannabis capital. This is just […]

Half of Spaniards are in favor of legalizing the sale of marijuana and 90% advocate its medical use

In some countries, the sale of cannabis has been legalized in the past couple of years. Namely Canada, South Africa and a few states in the USA. As well Armenia and Uraguay and a few other regions and terroritories. In many more countries around the world you can find legal medical cannabis, including around half […]

UK food regulators reject CBD as narcotic, stand by novel food deadline

Great Britain has rejected the European Commission’s preliminary stance that hemp flower-derived CBD should be regulated as a narcotic, a key food safety regulator in the United Kingdom says. Paul Tossel, who leads the Novel Foods authorities at London’s Food Standards Agency, said Tuesday that although British authorities continue to mirror requirements set out by […]

Does CBD help build muscle?Greater growth in the gym!

Many people today are wondering, does CBD help build muscle? Read on to find out. The main non-psychoactive component of marijuana today is ubiquitous and in nearly every form you can think of. You can have CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD tires, insulating powders, topical supplements, vape fluids, and even pet snacks. There is a […]