Is the cannabis industry about to boom in Africa?

The idea of legalizing cannabis in Africa, was to many an inconcievable one 10 years ago. The economic difficulties that came with with the Covid-19 pandemic has increased demand for new sources of revenue. Some African nations are now looking to cannabis. Many Africans have been subject to the harsh colonial and morality laws regarding […]

All drugs decriminalized In Portgual 20 years later

In 2001, Portugal tried something radical. They decriminalized not just cannabis, as many other countries have done, but recreational drug use across the board. Having been in effect for 20 years, what are the results? Is it an approach we should emulated elsewhere? Or was it a huge mistake? Portugal had a large drug use […]

EU aims to legalise medical cannabis

As legislators begin to channel money into medical cannabis research and lay the foundation for a set of harmonised European laws, medical cannabis is slowly making its way onto the European Union agenda. The European Parliament’s health committee voted in late 2018 to approve a draft resolution regarding the medicinal use of cannabis. Now a few […]

Grandmas Smoking Cannabis for the First Time

After getting high, they ate snacks and played Cards Against Humanity, because duh. If you’ve ever wondered what 3 grandmas high on cannabis might look like, look no further! Paula, Dorothea and Deirdre had never tried weed before, but the Cut Video Youtube channel gathered them together in Washington state, where recreational marijuana use was recently legalized, […]