Can legal cannabis really help reduce opoid abuse?

According to University of Pittsburgh research, statistics are suggesting that legalizing cannabis for recreational may be resulting in a temporary drop in emergency room visits as a result of opioid abuse. In recent years, the opioid epidemic has increased in speed in the USA. In Europe, the number rises in some countries, while it falls in […]

Cannabis production increases in Norway as it becomes more difficult to smuggle

Large-scale marijuana production in an almost uninhabitable house has been discovered by police outside the small Norweigan city of Elverum. The operation had been succeeding in regularly producing several kilos, until the police were tipped off and they raided the Sørskogbygda house in October. Four Polish citizens have been arrested are now required to appear […]

3 perfect cannabis smoothies

Today we are going to teach you have to make 3 wonderfully cannabis infused smoothies. These are perfect to serve before a nice dinner or why not before or together with a movie night and you closest friends. Strawberry Cream Smoothie Course DrinksServings 2 Ingredients 1 1/2 cups almond milk 2 1/2 cups ripe strawberries sliced 1 cup strawberry yogurt 2 tbsp canna-oil recommended: coconut oil 1 tbsp honey […]

Is CBD Oil Legal? State-By-State and Future Legality.

CBD oil has exploded in popularity recently. Where is it legal, what are the exceptions and what is the future of its own federal legality? Since the push for legal medical marijuana turned into one of the very universally popular stances from the country, advocates are pushing for more states to legalize cannabis completely. While […]

Medical Cannabis and EU travel, is it hard? Basic facts!

Medical Cannabis and EU travel is not as easy as you might think. But many expect the legality of marijuana to spread across Europe in the coming years. So as of now, medical marijuana users need to find out whether it is legal to take marijuana with them on business trips and vacations throughout Europe. […]

How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your System? How to stay safe

There is only one reason for someone to care how long cannabis remains in their body (unless you are a researcher or writing articles like this one). People wonder how long marijuana will last in their system because they are worried about having to be tested for drugs. And, as you will surely know, employers […]

Medical Marijuana And Lung Cancer – What The Expert Say

Medical Marijuana And Lung Cancer… Want to know if medical marijuana can help you feel better? You are not alone! Many people with lung cancer consider using medical marijuana as an adjunct therapy and as a prescribed treatment to make them feel better. The answer is definitely yes … but like all diagnoses, it is […]

Medical Cannabis and chronic pain, 5 Ways To Easily Help You !

For those struggling with chronic pain, medicinal cannabis is often advertised as a safer alternative to prescription pain relievers. Here are 5 ways marijuana can help alleviate suffering. Pain management is the number one reason doctors prescribe medical marijuana. Chronic pain management can be complex, and for some marijuana provides an effective alternative that is […]