Kevin Durant is a huge cannabis fan. It was a kind of well known secret until now. We recently a lot learned from Matt Sullivan’s book, Can’t Knock the Hustle. It has been in the works for the past two years, and has now been published. It is now available in-store.

Matt Sullivan talked about KD on the Dan Le Batard show. “I visited his house one morning and found that the whole place smelled like marijuana. He doesn’t have any girlfriends and he doesn’t take crazy vacations. All he does is play basketball. He has no hobbies. He only likes grass and basketball.”

There is no problem with cannabis use in the NBA as no longer test for cannabis use. But this is only the NBA. The Olympics in Tokyo will be an entirely different story. Despite cannabis’s long history in Japan, this country is very strict about recreational drug use. Durant’s favorite pastime might be considered a crime in Japan, but that’s not his biggest problem. He has the Olympics own drug rulings to worry about.

Japanese Olympics 2021

Durant isn’t the only one. Take for example, Sha’Carri Richardson. She is a young American sprint star who had good chances of winning the 100-meter race in Tokyo. However, she failed a doping test. She tested positive for cannabis use. The International Athletics Federation, unlike the NBA, did not allow cannabis in Miss Richardson’s body. This means that she is unable participate in the Tokyo Olympics. She didn’t appeal and accepted the exclusion.

Durant is an Olympian representing the United States in Basketball.

The International Olympic Committee has taken a strong stance against all forms and types of drug use, including cannabis. Many argue that this policy of zero tolerance is outdated.

But, Durant could be in trouble if he test positive for cannabis in Tokyo. If Durant wants to continue playing basketball this year, he will need to be cautious.

Durant isn’t the first NBA player to use cannabis. A recent survey found that 85 percent of NBA players smoke cannabis, although liekly not as often as the Nets star. They don’t have to keep their usage a secret anymore since the league now allows it’s players to use the substance.

Smoking cannabis in the American basketball scene is not a new phenomenon. It has been associated with the scene for decades, and likely well before than as well. It is also used by professional athletes across all sports. This is due to the regenerating and analgesic effects that cannabis can provide. Marajuana was also used by legendary basketball players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Parish.

Walt Frazier, a star in the New York Knicks Hall Of Fame, often spoke of what it was like to share a room with Phil Jackson, the later 11-time champion coach legend, in the late 1960s when they were both rookies. “Our room was always smelt of marijuana. I woke up in the middle of the night to find Phil lying in bed, smoking a joint with a look of relaxation and contentment. Phil did not go out with the other guys to eat in the city. He read, listened to the Grateful Dead records and smoked one joint after another in his bedroom.”

Walt Frazier on the court

This is not all. NBA players are also investors in the marijuana industry: Al Harrington, Gary Payton, and Chris Webber have all been involved with various cannabis companies. Kevin Durant is also a member on the advisory board for a Canadian marijuana trading firm. A significant minority of States have legalized cannabis in the USA.

The IOC however, is not Canada, the United States or the NBA. Durant might find it beneficial to pay more attention to their rules and regulations.

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