Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular and authorities more tolerant. Europe is following this global trend as cannabis use is become a part of the culture in various European Nations.

We’ve seen an increase in legalization of cannabis for medical purposes across the globe and even a few examples of legalising recreational use too. CBD oil and hemp have enjoyed a surge in popularity, across all markets, from skincare to wellness.

Despite no country in Europe having legalised recreational use yet, unless you count Georgia, some countries have decriminalised it. The continent, just like the rest of the world, is tending towards tolerance.

Why are countries becoming more tolerant?

The truth is that marijuana is one of the most gentle drugs when it comes to mind-altering substances. Statistically it is a significant amount less dangerous than alcohol, which of course is legal and incredibly popular. So why should Cannabis be illegal?

So which places should you visit as a cannabis connoisseur? Let’s take a look.

Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Amsterdam The Netherlands

Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a whole, are known throughout Europe and indeed the rest of the world for the relaxed approach towards cannabis. Contrary to popular belief however it is strictly legal, only decriminalised. Use and personal possession are tolerated, and ‘coffee shops’ throughout the country are permitted to sell the substance with a liscense. However these shops must abide by rather strict regulations.

The publicly available cannabis and large red light district have made it a tourist hotspot for young adults. Outside of the hedonistic attractions, the Netherlands is known for beautiful nature and cities and high standard of living.

The city is known for its cannabis-related tourism, but it also has some of the most beautiful artwork in the world. Amsterdam is home to a multitude of waterways, beautiful architecture, and deep-rooted history. Even if you are not interested in sex and cannabis Amsterdam is a culural gem in Europe.

Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is quickly becoming Europe’s second largest cannabis city. It isn’t legal, but it’s technically not illegal in most cities where cannabis is tolerated. The substance can be consumed in your home or at a social club. Transport, possession, and consumption in the public are still illegal.

The approved places for cannabis consumption are located all over the city. They require a membership, and they are not allowed to advertise their services. Fortunately, they are located in Spain’s second largest city and membership is easy to obtain.

Barcelona is a top a tourist location in Europe regardless of its tolerant approach to cannabis. Tourists might also travel to Barcelona to see Gaudi’s amazing architectural feats and to taste local paella and creme catalana.

Copenhagen (Denmark)

Copenhagen Denmark

Finally, we have the capital of Denmark.Cannabis recently became legal for medicinal purposes in 2018 however the operation is still a small scale one. Cannabis has never even been decriminalised for recreational use, nevermind legalised. So why is the Nordic country’s capital on this list? The answer is Freetown Christiania.

Freetown Christiania is an unofficial anarchist microstate located in Copenhagen. It was established in 1971. Since then, 900 people have lived in their own country without the need to follow Danish government regulations. It was renamed the “Green Light District”, where people flock to buy all kinds of cannabis that were outlawed elsewhere in Denmark. Cannabis is far from the only drug that people have histroically been selling in the area.

The microstate has naturally had friction with the danish government, but generally it has tended to ignore the activities going on there. Although in the past decade, the relationship has been normalised and Danish law is now enforced there.

Freetown Christiania

The community was hit hard by drug-infected violence, which led to a crisis. Christiania was able to stop all drug-infused violence. It is now well-known for its colorful street designs, variety of restaurants and cafes, and Christmas markets. Despite Danish law now applying to the area you can still easily find and obtain cannabis there

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