The Origins of Cannabis. First domesticated 12,000 years ago

The commonly asserted theory to the origin of cannabis states that it comes from the Central Asian Hindu Kush mountain range. There are of course competing theories as to its origins, but all of them suggest a date between 500 and 3000BCE. However new research is now supporting the theory that it was first domesticated […]

Cannabis tourist hotspots around Europe

Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular and authorities more tolerant. Europe is following this global trend as cannabis use is become a part of the culture in various European Nations. We’ve seen an increase in legalization of cannabis for medical purposes across the globe and even a few examples of legalising recreational use too. CBD oil and […]

Morocco: Can cannabis be legalized as an export product?

Morocco is currently discussing a law to allow the export and cultivation of medicinal cannabis. This would be a huge advantage for many small farmers. The draft, however, is controversial. Morocco could soon be a much more prosperous export country. The parliament is currently considering a bill to legalize cannabis cultivation for medicinal purposes. If the legislation clears the […]

Snoop Dogg isn’t happy about who is benefiting most from the cannabis industry

In a interview from the Hollywood Reporter, Snoop Dogg talks about who is benefitting from the legal cannabis industry. He advocates for those “who were actually there before it was legal”, that they should be the ones proftting the most. Snoop is generally happy about the legalisation of cannabis, saying that “It’s cool. For the […]

420. April 20th. The international celebration of cannabis.

420 is a number associated most heavily with cannabis, although it has a rather vague meaning. It’s used to refer to cannabis and the act of consuming the drug. It also denotes April 20, the international celebration of wildly popular substance. Many people organize smoke-outs in local parks with friends or over with larger groups […]

Half of Spaniards are in favor of legalizing the sale of marijuana and 90% advocate its medical use

In some countries, the sale of cannabis has been legalized in the past couple of years. Namely Canada, South Africa and a few states in the USA. As well Armenia and Uraguay and a few other regions and terroritories. In many more countries around the world you can find legal medical cannabis, including around half […]