Report On Cannabis From Fact Finding Mission Adopted In France

MEPs adopted Monday, June 28, the final report from the joint fact-finding mission regarding the regulation and impact on different cannabis uses. This report proposes a “supervised and regulated legalization” of recreational cannabis. Hemp, therapeutic cannabis, and recreational cannabis: The information mission “relating the regulation and the impacts of the different uses cannabis”, which Robin Reda […]

Morocco: Can cannabis be legalized as an export product?

Morocco is currently discussing a law to allow the export and cultivation of medicinal cannabis. This would be a huge advantage for many small farmers. The draft, however, is controversial. Morocco could soon be a much more prosperous export country. The parliament is currently considering a bill to legalize cannabis cultivation for medicinal purposes. If the legislation clears the […]

Medicinal Cannabis in the Czech Republic. Opinions are mixed.

The Czech Republic is seeing more patients use medical cannabis. There were 665 patients using medical cannabis in May, to which Doctors prescribed them more than 5,000 grams over the entire year. Experts say that data regarding the success rate of treatment, particularly in cancer, is missing. The cost of cannabis treatment is estimated to be 450 million […]

420. April 20th. The international celebration of cannabis.

420 is a number associated most heavily with cannabis, although it has a rather vague meaning. It’s used to refer to cannabis and the act of consuming the drug. It also denotes April 20, the international celebration of wildly popular substance. Many people organize smoke-outs in local parks with friends or over with larger groups […]

French businessman cultivates cannabis for his personal use in Vietnam

Mr. Tiberghien Frederec is 55 a year old French national living in Vietnam. He grows cannabis alongside fruit trees on a 3,000 m2 land in the by the Red River. This land has been harvested many times with the intention to produce useable cannabis. Long Bien District Police leader stated that Mr. Friedrichec had not […]

Cannabis production increases in Norway as it becomes more difficult to smuggle

Large-scale marijuana production in an almost uninhabitable house has been discovered by police outside the small Norweigan city of Elverum. The operation had been succeeding in regularly producing several kilos, until the police were tipped off and they raided the Sørskogbygda house in October. Four Polish citizens have been arrested are now required to appear […]

EU aims to legalise medical cannabis

As legislators begin to channel money into medical cannabis research and lay the foundation for a set of harmonised European laws, medical cannabis is slowly making its way onto the European Union agenda. The European Parliament’s health committee voted in late 2018 to approve a draft resolution regarding the medicinal use of cannabis. Now a few […]

Half of Spaniards are in favor of legalizing the sale of marijuana and 90% advocate its medical use

In some countries, the sale of cannabis has been legalized in the past couple of years. Namely Canada, South Africa and a few states in the USA. As well Armenia and Uraguay and a few other regions and terroritories. In many more countries around the world you can find legal medical cannabis, including around half […]

Supreme Court decriminalizes recreational use of cannabis in Mexico

The Mexican Supreme Court has decriminalized the recreational use of cannabis for adults. After a bill to legalize marijuana use failed to pass in the country’s congress, the supreme court of the North American nation ruled in favour of legalisation. Representatives of NGOs that support legalization of marijuana are however cautious about this decision. Until Congress opens […]

Shops selling CBD in the Pyrenees Orientales?

France has approved the marketing of CBD products since last year. This is a compound extracted from cannabis. The Pyrenees Orientales is home to many shops selling CBD. Despite the mounting evidence, there is still debate on whether CBD has therapeutic properties. There are good things in the cannabis world right now. France, Europe’s largest producer of hemp, should […]