An enormous cannabis farm worth an estimated £1.2 million has been uncovered by police in Oldham.

Officers who raided the building on Shaw Road on Friday night discovered a farm featuring around 3,000 plants across multiple rooms.

A 36-year-old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of the cultivation of marijuana.

Greater Manchester Police said cannabis farms on such a scale are operated by organised criminals “who use the profits from such grows to further their criminality”.

“Last night’s operation has disrupted a source of their funding and will therefore help to reduce the power gangs seek to exert,” said Inspector Anthony Allt of GMP’s Oldham District.

“If police we and the wider Oldham community continue to work together, we can help eliminate drugs from our streets and reduce the risk of vulnerable people being drawn into criminality.

“If you believe that drugs are being sold in your community, or believe a child or vulnerable adult to be at risk criminal exploitation linked to drugs gangs, then please contact police immediately.”

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