In a press release this weekBioHarvest Sciences Inc. announced that its first cell reservoir has produced cannabis trichomes for the past two year. This accomplishment demonstrates the reliability and efficiency of BioFarming technology by the company to produce the “blooming” phase of the cannabis cycle at large scale. It is much shorter, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than traditional cannabis cultivation.

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BioHarvest can harvest 13-17 cycles each year using BioFarming technology

BioHarvest’s innovative technology harvests the original cannabis plant along with its cells once per year. This is a significant improvement on the average 4 cycles per season for traditional cannabis cultivation. Bioreactors from the company can produce cannabis cells reliably and continuously without the use of the mother plant, seeds or other starting material. This is because the company has eliminated the “seeding” and “vegetative” stages, which are where cannabis plants take between 6 and 13 weeks to mature.

BioFarming Cannabis Cycle

BioHarvest’s cannabis plants can also remain in the flowering stage continuously unlike other cannabis flowers, which will end after approximately 9 to 10 weeks. This is contrary to a typical cannabis plant, which will then be followed immediately by the end the plant’s lifecycle. This means that new starting material must be purchased and propagated, and seedlings must be propagated again during the vegetative phase. BioHarvest’s BioFarming technology is a revolutionary way to increase efficiency and consistency in the cannabis industry.

Commercialization of the technology is on track for the first half of 2022

Ilan Sobel (CEO) stated in the press release that the company is on track for commercialization of its cannabis-based products by H1/2022. We are closer to the point where we can use the power of BioFarming technology to enter in the global cannabis market. We are pleased with our progress and I will keep the BHSC stakeholders informed on a regular basis.

“The repeated use for two years of the same cannabis cells reservoir is an unprecedented scientific achievement within the cannabis plant kingdom,” Dr. Yochi Hagay, CTO at BioHarvest stated in a press release. “Our ability to keep our cannabis plants in the ‘blooming” phase for two years, compared to nine-week periods over the past year is a testament to the efficiency of our technology. This puts us on the right track to commercial production using cannabis-based compounds.

Eitan Popper (co-founder, former president of MedReleaf and chairman of BioHarvest’s advisory board) stated in the press statement: “The fact BioHarvest can use the same cell reservoir for the past two years is a testament both to the strength of the technology as well as the quality of its Standard Operating procedures. The economic and environmental benefits of reducing the production cycle and growth time from 16 weeks to just 3-4 weeks are incredible.

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