Mr. Tiberghien Frederec is 55 a year old French national living in Vietnam. He grows cannabis alongside fruit trees on a 3,000 m2 land in the by the Red River. This land has been harvested many times with the intention to produce useable cannabis.

Long Bien District Police leader stated that Mr. Friedrichec had not been detained on June 9. The leader stated that “This person will be administratively sanctioned but still have to investigate to clarify the behavior”.

Mr. Friederec established a travel agency at Yen Binh in Yen Bai Province. He temporarily lived at this address. The French businessman married an Vietnamese girl. The couple rented land of 3,000 m2 in Ngoc Thuy Ward, Long Bien district, to plant and grow fruit trees. This was about two years ago. The proceedings are in the name of the man’s wife.

According to Mr. Tiberghien Frederec, a friendfrom Yen Bai, whom he did not identify, had given him cannabis seeds a few months back. These seeds were then planted and propagated on the land. To avoid detection, he did not plant in the seeds in clusters, but instead spread his cannabis seeds throughout the garden.

The district police chief stated that, “This person isn’t addicted to drugs, but does grow these plants for their psychoactive properties. Tiberghien Frederec actually has harvested cannabis plants several times on this land.” Only his wife and children live there permanently. He still primarily stays in Yen Bai and only comes here occasionally.

Cannabis can look externally similar to other plants, especially when hidden amgonst them, so it can sometimes be difficult to detect them just by looking. The secret police captured them when they returned to the garden on June 5.

The man had around 40 kilograms of dried cannabis that the authorities seized. They additioanlly confiscated the 115 fresh cannabis plants that would amount to 34 kg of dried cannabis.

Cannabis Farm in Vietnam

Legally speaking, Hoang Tung, Trung Hoa Law Office said that Vietnam prohibits the cultivation of cannabis. In accordance with Vietnamese law, Mr. Tiberghien Frederickec will be held either criminally or administratively liable. The fact that Mr. Frederickec is not vietnamese may factor into the severity of the punishment he recieves.

Tung cited article 247 of Penal Code and stated that anyone who cultivates poppy, coca or cannabis in quantities less than 500 plants will face from six months to 3 years in prison. If the crime is organized or the confiscation numbers 3,000 or more trees, the fine will be increased to 3-7 years.

According to Clause 3 of Decree 21/2013, Mr. Tiberghien Frederickec could be administratively fined 2 to 5 million vietnamese Dong, or up 217 dollars, for planting 115 cannabis trees. This person also had 40 grams of dried marijuana (herbal drugs), which can be used to prosecute him for criminal responsibility under Article 249 of Penal Code.

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