Amsterdam was the undisputed European cannabis capital for many years. While Spain’s Catalonia and several other countries and regions are worthy of honourable mentions, Germany may be a serious contender to take the title. The country has been making large strides with new legal cannabis legislation.

Since 2017, all German doctors are allowed to recommend medical marijuana to patients who are suffering. Patients can also purchase cannabis from many pharmacies.

The recent medical cannabis reforms have led to a revolution in the cannabis industry. Germany boasts largest and most powerful economy in Europe and is home to 83 million people, more than twice that of California.

Reform of adult-use European cannabis is on the horizon

The European continent has a growing medical cannabis industry. Legalization of adult-use cannabis seems to be closer than ever. Even The Netherlands, despite being a hotspot for cannabis use decades, attracting many tourists, has yet to make the substance legal.

Right now, cannabis is not “legal” anywhere in Europe for adults. The Netherlands and a handful of other European nations have decriminalized possession and use however but none have yet to commit to full legalization. However, many countries are making progress in this direction.

The Netherlands of course will still allow licensed “Coffee Shops” to sell the substance. Switzerland allows low-THC products across the country. A Supreme Court decision in Italy has declared cannabis prohibition unconstitutional.

Cannabis reform in Europe will open up new opportunities for the emerging cannabis industry. It’s a smart idea for investors, entrepreneurs, and service providers in the industry to get involved early, so they are not left behind by the competition. With annual growth of almost 70%, the European cannabis industry is expected to reach over 3 billion euros by just 2025. However, this is a conservative estimate.

Germany’s changing landscape

The German medical cannabis industry has seen rapid growth in the past few years. However, regulations and rules are constantly changing.

As a result, the country’s medical cannabis industry is a lucrative one, but it can be difficult to navigate. This holds true for other countries in Europe.

After the German Federal Government legalized medicinal cannabis 2017, the country quickly became the largest legal cannabis market in Europe. Some estimate the German cannabis market alone could be worth over 7 billion euros.

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