After getting high, they ate snacks and played Cards Against Humanity, because duh.

If you’ve ever wondered what 3 grandmas high on cannabis might look like, look no further! Paula, Dorothea and Deirdre had never tried weed before, but the Cut Video Youtube channel gathered them together in Washington state, where recreational marijuana use was recently legalized, and recorded their first encounter with the magical cannabis plant. The video does much to dispel many of the fears that opponents of recreational marijuana use legalization  have in the U.S. but, more importantly, it’s also hilarious and adorable.


This was filmed in Washington State where recreational smoking of mary-jane is legal. When these older ladies were asked why they have never smoked pot before, one of ladies responded with “I was raising a young children”. Watch these harmless games, and conversations they have…it’s quite entertaining. If you have never smoked mary-jane before, after watching this video would you try it? Or, now that it is legal in some states, would you think about trying it??

Anyone under the age of 40 is likely familiar with the experience of helping aging parents or grandparents with new technology. Unaccustomed to the myriad gadgets required for entertainment and communication, our digital non-native elders are often forced into adopting new tech to keep up with the times–and their families. The way their face lights up during that first video call with their grandkids is priceless. Still, it’s not quite as exceptional as watching grannies learning the finer details of working a bong and a vaporizer, and witnessing them process the experience of smoking cannabis for the first time. This new video provides such pleasure.

In a culture where drugs have been blanketed in war rhetoric, and at a time when those calcified walls are being broken down, a trio of well-spoken, color-coordinated and charming grans makes for pretty accessible and non-threatening ambassadors. So, was it hard to convince these women to give it a try? Not at all, says Gaston. “It wasn’t hard to get them to smoke cannabis. Honestly, the hardest part was finding three grandmas who had never smoked cannabis before.”

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