In some countries, the sale of cannabis has been legalized in the past couple of years. Namely Canada, South Africa and a few states in the USA. As well Armenia and Uraguay and a few other regions and terroritories. In many more countries around the world you can find legal medical cannabis, including around half of the European countries.

Despite this not a single European State has passed a law to legalise recreational use. As the global opinion on cannabis shifts to be more and more positive, it’s no doubt that one will soon follow suit. Around half of the population of Spain is in favour of legalisation, despite it being yet to even legalise medcininal use of the substance.

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This number was released in the April Barometer of the Sociological Research Center, as the result question was number 23. 49.7% were in favor of it, while 40.9% were against, just shy of a majority. We expect that public opnion on the subject will only grow more positive in the coming years.

Furthermore, according to the survey, 90.1% of respondents support legalizing cannabis for medical purposes, which as stated before is still illegal in Spain.

The data is based on telephone interviews with 3,823 Spanish citizens, both male and female, legal-aged in 1,255 municipalities across 50 provinces. The survey was conducted from April 5 through 14.

Despite the substance still being illegal for both recreational and medicinal use, using it has been decriminalised for a few decades now. Growing your own cannabis plants is legal, but you are limited to to 5 plants and to personal use only. You can find so called ‘cannabis clubs’ throughout the country however the legal status of these locations is unclear. Some have been arrested and prosecuted over them.

However, alcohol consumption by minors in Spain is, perhaps suprisngly, a much greater matter of concern for 83.5% of the respondents. 84.6% think that the public administrations should take measures to reduce it, as they have an obligation to protect this sector of the population.

Some of the most effective measures to reduce the number of minors from drinking alcohol include setting a zero-tolerance blood alcohol level for minors driving mopeds or motorbikes (71.1%), banning minors from buying alcoholic beverages in public (63.3%), and prohibiting minors selling alcohol to minors (57.2%). The public generally appears in favour of these kind of restrictions. Many of them have already been long implemented throughout the rest of Europe.

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