The latest trend in craft beverages is attempting to harness the power of Cannabis chemicals THC and CBD. Brewers Publications® has released their latest book. Keith Villa, the pioneering brewer who invented Blue Moon, has now refocused his efforts to cannabis beers with Ceria Brewing. “Brewing with Cannabis: Using THC and CBD in Beer”, is a must-read for anyone looking for information about responsible and legal cannabis brewing.

CERIA Brewing made Colorado’s brewing history in 2018 with its first non-alcoholic, but insteasd THC-infused craft beer. Blue Moon Brewing Company was the operating unit of MillerCoors where Mr. Villa retired after 32 years of a long and successful brewing career. 

Author Keith Villa PhD is the co-founder and brewmaster of CERIA Brewing in the state of Colorado. During a press release, Villa stated, “As the cannabis stigma continues to fade, it is my goal to bring cannabis to people in a way that’s socially accepted.” “Brewing With Cannabis: Using THC and CBD in Beer” is a science-based guide that brewers of all sizes can use to get the information they need about cannabis. It also provides legal and responsible ways to enjoy this different kind of beer. Villa provides practical instructions and recipes as well as information about the unique characteristics and similarities between cannabis plants and hops. He also discusses the physiological effects of cannabinoids

Brewers Publications supports Brewers Association’s mission by publishing books that are both of lasting value to amateur and professional brewers. They also publish titles that encourage understanding and appreciation for American craft beer. Brewers Publications has more than 60 titles. They are the premier publisher of current and relevant brewing literature.

The book is for both professional and amateur craft brewers. It’s available now at Preorders at book retailers are also possible. Brewers Association members and American Homebrewers Association members get 25% off the retail price at $19.95, and all BrewersPublications customers receive standard shipping free of charge with their purchase of Brewing With Cannabis.

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