Starting next week, Lidl will be selling “cannabis cookies” in Germany. The supermarket chain has reached a million euro deal with The Green Dealers. 

These cookies will not be the only “cannabis” products that Lidl will sell. The German supermarket giant will offer 21 promotional products in total. These include cannabis energy drinks, hash brownies and more, in addition to the aforementioned cannabis cookies.

The distribution company for Euphoria is The Green Dealers. It was founded in November last year. Arnim von Brunn (one of the shareholders and managing directors) names the Hemp Taste and “interesting Presentation” as the reasons to purchase cannabis products. In fact, the products that you will be able to find on Lidl shelves are not intoxicating at all.

No Lidl ProductS Will Contain THC Or CBD

The products Lidl will sell contain no CBD and no THC. Euphoria, a Czech company that produces the products, offers a large selection. This includes some products that do actually contain cannabidiol, or CBD. Although this active ingredient is believed to have anti-cramping and anti-inflammatory effects, amongst others, it does not have any psychoactive properties.

CBD is a legal substance to buy and sell in Germany, at least within certain regulations. Companies are not responsible for any risks associated with the sale of CBD products in the country. However, the products that Lidl will sell in Germany contain no CBD.

The psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis is Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC. It is the chemical in the substance that induces the cannabis high. It is of course, an incredibly popular substance around the globe, regardless of whether it is legal or not. It is illgeal not available for purchase in Germany, just like in the rest of Europe. Although again, like many other European Countries, it is legal for medicinal purposes.

All of Euphoria’s products contain negligible amounts of THC that are within the legal limits set by the European Union.

The Euphoria Million Euro Deal

1.5 million Eurphoria products have been delivered to supermarket chains in the past week, according to The Green Dealers. The company will generates millions of euros worth of revenue.

Brunn, the managing director, predicts that 2022 will see approximately 5 million euros in revenue. The company would be especially excited if marijuana legalization was implemented. There is a massive potential for revenue if a law to legalise the substance were to pass.

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