MEPs adopted Monday, June 28, the final report from the joint fact-finding mission regarding the regulation and impact on different cannabis uses. This report proposes a “supervised and regulated legalization” of recreational cannabis.

Hemp, therapeutic cannabis, and recreational cannabis: The information mission “relating the regulation and the impacts of the different uses cannabis”, which Robin Reda (LR), obtained, and for which Jean-Baptiste Moreau, (LaREM), is the rapporteur général, has concluded its work. After 18 months of hearings the six National Assembly deputies adopted the publication of the “final Report” on Monday, June 28, 2019. This generated the thematic reports that were published from September 2020 to reflect the progress made. 

Robin Reda stated, “I believe we have imposed this unprecedented discussion on the National Assembly without prejudice and by being methodical.” The deputy for Essonne in LR also praised the success of citizen consultations that were held on the National Assembly’s site. These had received contributions from more 250,000 people.

Information Mission Requests “Supervised And Regulated” Legalization Recreational Cannabis

Jean-Baptiste Moreau lamented that “the overall finding regarding the issue of cannabis and all its uses is, that our country is trailing behind.” To end this “observation about the failure of the repressive program for 50 years”, Caroline Janvier (deputy La Republique en Marche) proposes “a framed, regulated legalization.” This permits the member to “define very specific specifications on the production and sale of cannabis,” in advance.

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However, if cannabis were legalized, wouldn’t dealers be selling other drugs? Caroline Janvier responds that dealers are selling more dangerous synthetic cannabis and cut resins from other substances today. She also emphasizes the fact that legalization allows for less dangerous products to be sold on the official market. Many speakers have modeled the French repressive system on the topic of recreational cannabis. Despite the efforts of many interior ministers over the years, France continues to be the European country that has the highest consumption of cannabis. “We are currently in a state of failure.” Jean-Baptiste Moreau says, “Either we keep our eyes closed, cover our ears, and wave our arms, OR we try to finally adopt efficient regulations.”

Francois-Michel Lambert (Freedoms and Territories) says that “public opinion is ready to legalize which is accompanied state control and a private monopoly”. Eric Coquerel (LFI) also supported the proposal. He recalls that no country around the world has reversed its decision following legalization.

Right-wing and left-wing members of the National Assembly presented a bill at the end May. Jean-Baptiste Moreau already predicts that the bill will be part of the next electoral arguments, even though the issue is still far from settled and camps are divided.

Exploration Of Therapeutic Cannabis

The rapporteur continues, “We regret that the French establishment of a therapeutic cannabis sector is still not authorized, even though we have all necessary skills for production, processing, and distribution.” Thematic rapporteur also on the subject. The experimental phase of therapeutic cannabis in France is still very much underway. She was granted the green light by the health authorities and has been working in the medical establishments since March 2021. Jean-Baptiste Moreau says, “Its sustainability must be broadly and collectively supported.”

The Creuse deputy said that Olivier Veran had discussed the experiment and believed it was possible to expand the range of available pathologies while also increasing the number patients. “I believe this experiment will be expanded relatively quickly before eventually generalization.”

Information Mission Wants To France To Reflect European Ruling

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The third section of the fact-finding mission concerns the hemp industry. Ludovic Mendes is the thematic rapporteur. He considers the announcements made on 25 May by the Prime Minister’s Office “disappointing.” The government had decided to ban the sale CBD flowers a month ago. The deputy stated that CBD cannot be extracted naturally without THC traces.

“The fact-finding mission asks the Government to use the European Union law to make progress toward harmonizing CBD regulations.” Ludovic Mendes explains. He recalls that he and others felt it was time for “well-being hemp” to be established in France by authorizing cultivation and exploitation below 0.6% to 1% THC.

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